How to Create a Cozy Winter Wedding

Having a winter wedding might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re planning out your big day, but this time of the year is just as stunning as any other season. You can use the colder weather to your advantage to create stunning photos and you’ll have the opportunity to design a cozy wedding with seasonal decor pieces for your guests. 

Check out these 4 winter wedding ideas to help you plan the ultimate wedding for this season.


Decorate with Winter Elements

From pinecones, garlands, wreaths, and berries, there’s plenty of winter decor options available. Incorporating these throughout your wedding decor is a great way to give it a unique, wintery look. Consider DIYing some of these decor pieces if you’re on a tight budget and go with a rustic wedding venue to tie your winter theme together. Our rustic Bank Barn venue is filled with a ton of charm and is perfect for a cozy, winter wedding setting. 

Dress Your Wedding Party in Winter Attire

Your wedding shouldn’t be the only thing matching the winter theme―your wedding party should also look the part. Have your wedding party dress their outfits up in classic winter accessories such as faux fur shawls or some wool scarves. Velvet or suede fabrics and dark, muted colors such as burgundy red, silver, pine green, and wood brown can make your wedding party stand out against the cold, snowy season.

Serve Seasonal Dishes and Drinks 

If you’re really looking to create a full winter and holiday-themed experience for your guests, consider serving some seasonal dishes and drinks. The winter season is notable for many flavors including cinnamon, chocolate, cranberries, peppermint, and chestnuts. Focus on incorporating some of these flavors into your menu by serving items such as hot chocolate or hot apple cider. Be sure to check in with your venue to see what menu items they’re offering for this time of the year. Our Conestoga Cafe put together a seasonal menu, and it’s the perfect addition to any winter wedding.

Add String Lights 

A cozy winter wedding isn’t complete without string lights. There are many different ways to be creative with these elements and it’s an easy way to create an intimate atmosphere for your guests. Consider incorporating your string lights in different places throughout your wedding such as your ceiling, table decor, or even your walls to create a magical winter backdrop. 


Are you dreaming of a winter wedding? Schedule a tour of our Olde Homestead venues on our stunning countryside property. We have a variety of different venues to choose from and we want to help you make your winter wedding ideas come to life!

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