Plan A Countryside Wedding With Breathtaking Views

There’s something magical about a countryside wedding. When you get out of the city, it seems like time slows down. Many brides are opting for countryside weddings in Pennsylvania, as an opportunity to slow down on their big day. The rolling hills, the beautiful backdrops, and the peaceful surroundings make it an unforgettable experience. If you’re deciding which wedding venue location is best for you, here are the things you should consider:

A Beautiful Natural Setting
At a countryside wedding, guests are able to enjoy the immediate surroundings. They can look out at the rolling hills, appreciate the greenery, and take in the views. As you spend time trying to fit everything into your big day, your guests will have additional entertainment – scenic views. It’s an experience that many guests will hold in their hearts forever. If your wedding is indoors at The Carriage House, guests can step outside and enjoy the lush trees and rolling hills just outside. On top of that, nature can relieve stress, and some researchers claim that scenic views can improve both your mood and your health.

Extra Space
As guests pull up to a countryside wedding venue, they can immediately feel at ease. There’s something comforting about a barn venue that has plenty of outdoor space. While wedding venues in the city often have limited parking, a countryside venue offers more opportunities to accommodate your guests. Guests won’t feel concerned about finding a parking spot or feel cramped when they are navigating the venue. A venue like The Bank Barn offers extra room for both you and your guests to slow down and enjoy your special day.

Plenty of Photo Backdrops
When you get married in the countryside, your photographer won’t have to look hard to find the perfect backdrop. Everywhere you turn at Olde Homestead, there’s a stunning view. So many beautiful and inspiring photos have been taken here over the years, and the property makes it easy to find the perfect shots. From stunning barns to rolling hills to the sprawling golf course, there are photos you will cherish forever.

You Can Relax
It can be stressful to get married in the hustle and bustle of the city. As a bride, it’s easy to get caught up in the details on your big day. Some weddings can feel so hurried and rushed, but a countryside wedding venue gives the bride an opportunity to slow down on the most important day of her life. Take a walk before you get ready. Soak up the gorgeous views. Sneak away for an extra sunset picture on your favorite part of the property. We want to help you create your dream wedding with the perfect backdrop at Olde Homestead. If you’re ready to tour a countryside wedding venue in New Tripoli, give us a call at 610-298-4653.  
COVID Update: As we wait for things to return to normal, we still want to help you celebrate your special day. We are now able to book outdoor weddings and receptions for up to 250 people. We’re also offering intimate indoor wedding ceremonies throughout the summer of 2020 for up to 25 people. Call us at 610-298-4653 to schedule a tour

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