How to Plan the Perfect Fall Wedding

It’s exciting when you decide on an official wedding date!  It confirms the season you’ll get married in, and it helps other pieces of your big day fall into place. There’s something special about getting married in the crisp, fall air. Autumn weddings offer many beautiful backdrops, and your photographer will be excited to capture these beautiful moments. Your perfect fall wedding is just around the corner!


Choose a Venue With Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

It’s no surprise that unexpected weather conditions can feel stressful before your big day. You’ve planned for this day for a long time, and the weather is one thing that’s out of your control. Many brides feel reassured by choosing a venue with both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony and it’s expected to rain, a venue can typically find a way to utilize an indoor space for you. Every venue has different offerings and limitations, so it’s important to ask questions ahead of time and talk with your venue about an alternative plan if the weather isn’t ideal.


Make it Memorable

What type of weather are you expecting on your big day? Even if the forecast looks cooler than you expected, there are many ways you can make your fall wedding cozy and memorable for your guests. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, you can provide a basket of blankets to help guests stay warm. This is a nice way to show additional hospitality to your guests. If you’re looking for ways to make your reception more memorable, try adding a coffee bar, hot chocolate bar, or a s’mores bar. These are typically a big hit with guests, and they can make your wedding day even more unique.


Incorporate Fall Colors & Flavors

Fall weddings offer a special opportunity to use warm hues and seasonal flavors in your wedding theme. There are many ways you can incorporate shades of orange, brown, yellow, and ivory into your big day. Talk with your florist, and see what they recommend to help you emphasize autumn colors. Fall weddings also bring an opportunity to plan a seasonal menu for your guests. Ask your caterers if they offer any special dishes during autumn. Some brides even choose to add an autumn-theme dessert for their guests!


No matter which season you plan to get married, you always have options to make your big day everything you’ve dreamed of. If you’d like to tour our venues at Olde Homestead, fill out our contact form to schedule a visit!

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