Dinner With a View in New Tripoli


Are you looking for new ways to enjoy New Tripoli? There are so many things to appreciate about a visit to Olde Homestead, and the view from our cafe might just be at the top of our list. Our cafe is a wonderful place to wind down from your day and enjoy a meal that you don’t have to cook. We’re sharing a few of our favorite menu items below, and we would love to see you out on our patio this summer!



Crab Cakes

Our crab cakes are seasoned perfectly, so you can enjoy the flavor through each bite. These are served with a ginger carrot salad, topped with mango and carrot croutons. This is an ideal entree for summer nights, and be sure to ask your server about the best drink pairings with this dish!



Sauteed Shrimp

What says summer like the perfect shrimp dish? Our sauteed shrimp is served with black forbidden rice, sauteed broccoli, and a shellfish cream sauce to pack a powerful punch of flavor.



Three Cheese Sacchettini

This delicious pasta dish is served with spring peas, bacon, and kettle one vodka sauce. It’s topped with a basil panko to give it a beautiful finish. If you’re looking for a summer pasta dish, this is a must-try!



Come visit us, and soak up the amazing views at Olde Homestead this summer! Give us a call at 610-298-4653 and check out our full menu online!


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