How Do I Plan a Rustic Wedding?


A rustic wedding creates a fun atmosphere for your guests to unwind and enjoy your day to its fullest. Some rustic weddings will require a little more DIY work ahead of time, but the payoff always results in a beautiful day.  Stay true to your personal style, and you can create the perfect rustic wedding for your guests!


Find the Right Location

It’s important to find the location that matches your vision. Do you dream of getting married outdoors? What about a rustic barn? Although some venues use the word rustic, not every venue will offer the landscape and feel that you’re looking for. Read reviews about each venue, look through photos, and always tour in person if possible. If you’ve dreamed of countryside views, make sure the location has plenty of gorgeous spots for photos.


Adjust to the Season

Most rustic weddings are held in warmer seasons, but there are so many possibilities for the wedding of your dreams throughout the year. Yes, you can still have an amazing rustic wedding in the offseason. If it’s cooler outside, think about how to give your guests a cozy experience. Think about making a s’mores bar, a winter cocktail, or how you can utilize blankets in your overall theme. This will make your wedding unique, memorable, and fun for your guests to experience something new.


Bring in the Details

The venue will set the tone for your big day, and the decor is the perfect way to tie your theme together from start to finish. Try adding some extra strings of lights, choose rustic greenery, and be intentional with your table decor. Think about ways you can add more wooden pieces to your decor, and consider adding an old fashioned photo booth for extra rustic flair. Some rustic wedding venues have decor pieces that you can either rent or borrow for your big day, so be sure to check with your coordinator to see what is possible.


Are you ready to plan a rustic wedding? Come take a tour at Olde Homestead Golf Club in New Tripoli, PA. You won’t believe these amazing views until you see them in person. Fill out our contact form, and we’ll connect with you shortly!

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