Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

How will you remember your guests after your wedding day? There are so many ways you can incorporate a creative wedding guest book to remember for years to come. We know you have so many details to plan, but make sure this item doesn’t fall through the cracks. Let your personality shine on your big day, and choose a creative wedding guest book that will be a fun experience for your guests!


Heart Drop Frame

This is a popular option because it can be used as decor in your new home together! You can pick up small wooden hearts on Amazon, Etsy, or your local Hobby Lobby to drop through a slot into a frame. You’ll have different options about what you want the frame to look like, but make sure you plan ahead and place your custom order early!

Jenga Guest Book

Ask your guests to write their names on Jenga blocks! This is a unique and fun way to remember your guests at your next board game night. You’re also more likely to pull out a game of Jenga than a physical guest book, so it will likely be something you can reminisce about regularly!

Polaroid Guest Book

This is always a hit because it gives your guests an opportunity to have some fun! They can be serious or silly with their photos, and it will be fun for you and your groom to flip through later. You might want someone facilitating this guest book so that they can troubleshoot if there are any issues with the camera.

Puzzle Guest Book

Create a custom wooden puzzle for your guests to sign. You can order one on Etsy and glue it together after the ceremony. This can hang on your wall, and you can easily read messages as you walk by it every day!

Wine Bottle Guest Book

Choose a bottle of wine for your 1st, 5th, 10th, and 25th anniversary! Set them out, and ask your guests to choose one bottle to sign and write a special message. Each anniversary as you bring out the bottle, you’ll be reminded of your guests!


When it comes to choosing a creative wedding guest book, you have plenty of options. Think about what you and your partner would appreciate most from your guests. Toss aside the traditional wedding rules, and make something unique to your love story! If you’d like to take a tour of the venues at Olde Homestead, learn more about our venues here!

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