Why You Should Use Custom Signage at Your Wedding

If you’ve attended a wedding as a guest before, you’ve most likely come across custom signage throughout the event as you took part in the celebration. It’s become a staple for many weddings. They’re easy to personalize, cost-effective, and can add both a beautiful and functional element to any wedding.

Read on to see why you should use custom wedding signage on your big day. 

Showcases Your Personality 

Your wedding day is all about you, and it’s important for any couple to find all the opportunities they can to add a personal touch to their wedding. Wedding signage can be customized in a variety of ways to showcase your personality. Are you a humorous couple? Insert a quote or a line on your signage. Think about what has a special meaning to you as a couple, and write down a list of ideas you might want to share with your guests. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles to really showcase your personality as a couple! 

Provides Helpful Wedding Information

Customized signs are more than just a piece of beautiful decor at a wedding―they can also provide helpful wedding information details for your guests. It’ll give guests an idea of what they can expect during your wedding and where to go. Direct them through your ceremony and reception with table numbers, welcome signs, directions, and seating arrangements. The signage you choose for your wedding will depend on how much information you want to provide your guests with, but consider what is most important to your guests and what may be helpful to them as they celebrate your big day. 

Enhances Your Wedding Theme 

Custom signage is the perfect way to enhance the overall theme of your wedding. Incorporate various colors, floral accents, texture, and other decor elements from your wedding into your signage. If you’re unsure of how you want to design yours, it may be helpful to look at past weddings you’ve attended or other weddings online for inspiration! Deciding upon the small details of your signage can take some time, but it’ll help tie your wedding together and create a cohesive theme. 


Are you looking to incorporate custom signage into your wedding? Our venue has a wide range of custom wedding signage options. To learn more about how our signage options can fit in with your wedding, fill out a form here. We can’t wait to help you make your day exactly how you envisioned it!  

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