3 Reasons To Order Takeout This Holiday Season

Do you have a lot on your plate this winter season? It seems like the list of errands always gets longer, and it’s important to take a break and spend time with your loved ones. Here are three reasons why you should consider ordering takeout this holiday season: 

1. Support A Small Business 

It’s more important than ever to support the businesses in your local community. Did you know that small businesses generate a majority of jobs in the country? Every time you support a small business, you support a family in your community. Show your local businesses some extra love this season. Ask about their holiday specials. See if they offer any products or services you can give to friends as a gift. The little things go a long way, and we always appreciate the support from our community. 

2. Get Outside More 

A trip to the views at Olde Homestead is always worth the drive. Although the holidays can feel busy, take an evening to slow down. Take a drive to Olde Homestead, and enjoy the rolling hills, breathtaking views, and unique charm of the property. Did you know that spending time outside is good for your health? According to research from Harvard Health Publishing, enjoying time outdoors can increase your concentration, your mood, and your overall health. Come soak up the views at Olde Homestead this winter season!

3. Experience The Magic Tree 
The Magic Tree at Olde Homestead is a special project in our community. We asked the community to come together and share their favorite memories at Olde Homestead. This is also an opportunity to honor loved ones. The proceeds from light strand purchases benefit the Northwestern Lehigh Veterans Memorial, honoring local residents who have served in the military services since the Revolutionary War. There is still time to purchase lights, and we would love to have you join this community effort. Come and enjoy The Magic Tree Wednesday-Saturday from 5:00 pm-8 pm. You can also order take-out, and we’ll have your food ready to bring home with you after you enjoy the lights! 

We would love to see you at Olde Homestead! Come visit us, pick up your favorite meal, and enjoy the views. You can place an online order at this link.

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