Historic Potato Barn is Perfect for your Smaller Event

The beautiful 18-hole golf course in New Tripoli, PA is so much more than just a golf course. The history of this area is alive and well among the well-manicured greens. We continue to bring you some of the history of the buildings you will see on our course, and in this post, we feature a historical and versatile space.

Potato Barn

Potato Barns started making an appearance on farmlands after the arrival of railroads in the 20th century. The railroad’s arrival altered not only farming practices, but also the structures needed to support farming and the harvest. This new era of transportation gave farmers a quicker and easier way to move their goods from one place to another.

The efficiency of railroad transport increased demand, and farmers heeded the call. Farmers were left with a need to create space to store their crops in preparation for transport.

Built into the hillside

The potato barn was built on the Olde Homestead farmland to provide this necessary storage. The barn is built partly into the hillside for insulation. This helps protect the potatoes from yearly temperature changes.  These prime storage conditions had to be maintained from harvest time in September until the following spring, or when the market demanded shipment.

You can see our Potato Barn, built into the sloping hillside and located behind our Bank Barn. It is visible from the deck or while you’re golfing and making the turn between Hole #9 and Hole #10.

Unique Venue

Today, the top of the Potato Barn is available as the perfect venue for your smaller rustic gatherings. This venue has seating for up to 80 people and has a delightful summer breeze when the side and end doors are opened.  The facility can be set up to fit your needs and contains it’s own restrooms and bar area. Contact us today to see how this space could be utilized for an anniversary or birthday celebration, or as a unique backdrop for an engagement celebration or shower.


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