History Lesson of the Day: Olde Homestead’s One-Room Schoolhouse

The beautiful 18-hole golf course in New Tripoli, PA is so much more than just a golf course. The history of this area is alive and can be seen among the well-manicured greens.

One-Room Schoolhouse

In 1850, the Pennsylvania Department of Education required land owner David Schneider to build a one-room schoolhouse on what is now part of  Olde Homestead Golf Club. A wood-frame building was initially constructed and became known as Schneider’s One-Room School.  Students could attend the school from 1st through 8th grades.

Despite not having electricity or running water, the school was in continuous use from 1852 to 1946. The schoolhouse was reconstructed between 1880 and 1890 following revised state architectural specifications for one-room schoolhouses. This new brick design created more space to fit up to 50 students. This building, located at Hole 13, was restored to its original state in 1999.

What’s Inside?

Time stands still inside the Schneider’s Schoolhouse. Many generations of students received their education within these four walls. The familiar last names of students and teachers can still be seen inside the schoolhouse today. Graduates whose names are recorded within include Arthur Daniel Schneider and Carter Daniel Schneider.

Lessons these students received focused on farming elements.  After all, many of these students were raised on a farm or grew up helping on a farm. In fact, there is an information “cabinet” in the front of the classroom completely dedicated to the topic.  It contains numerous drawers and each drawer holds samples and information about a different grain.  The front of the classroom also contains the teacher’s desk and a set of maps from the time period that folds down for use and folds back up into a box so the chalkboard can be used.  In addition, there are also pictures and written records, students’ desks, tables, books, paintings, and a chalkboard which have been collected and preserved inside the schoolhouse.  It is an amazing trip back in time and right next to Hole 13.

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