5 Summer Wedding Trends

Which wedding trends are you on the lookout for this summer? Wedding trends can vary from year to year, and personal preferences play a significant role in wedding planning. It’s always a good idea to consider your own style, preferences, and what feels most authentic to you as a couple when planning your summer wedding. If you’re planning a summer wedding, check out some of these summer wedding trends that you can incorporate into your big day.


Outdoor and Nature-Inspired Weddings

Many couples choose to embrace the beauty of nature during the summer months by hosting their weddings in outdoor settings such as gardens, vineyards, or beachside venues. Incorporating natural elements like lush greenery, flowers, and wooden accents enhances the overall aesthetic.


Bold and Vibrant Color Palettes

Summer weddings often feature vibrant and bold color schemes that reflect the season’s energy and warmth. Couples are opting for bright and playful colors such as coral, fuchsia, tropical hues, and vibrant shades of blue or yellow to create a lively and festive atmosphere in the summer season.


Sustainable Options

As environmental consciousness continues to grow, couples are incorporating sustainable practices into their wedding planning. This includes using eco-friendly decor, opting for locally sourced and organic food and beverages, and choosing vendors who prioritize sustainability.


Interactive Food and Drink Stations

Summer weddings often feature creative and interactive food and drink stations. Consider having a creative cocktail bar, a gourmet ice cream station, or a refreshing lemonade or sangria bar. Food stations with customizable options allow guests to personalize their meals, and these can be a big hit. Some brides love putting together a signature cocktail for guests to make the day extra memorable.


Light and Airy Wedding Attire

For summer weddings, lightweight and breathable fabrics are popular choices for wedding attire. Brides may opt for flowy, ethereal gowns made of chiffon or lace, while grooms can choose lightweight suits in lighter colors like beige, light gray, or pastels. Comfortable footwear, such as sandals or wedges, is also a practical choice for outdoor ceremonies.

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