5 Things to Look For in a Rustic Wedding Venue

Are you planning a rustic wedding? Rustic weddings are growing in popularity, and brides love to mix traditional themes with modern, farm-to-table trends. It’s typically recommended to book a venue that aligns with your vision early in the wedding planning process. This allows brides to understand the potential of the space, and it makes the rest of the planning process a smoother experience. Once you find the perfect rustic wedding venue, it might feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. There are so many ways to bring your vision to life, and it’s important to find a venue that sets the right tone for your big day. 


Options to Personalize

What are some non-negotiables for your wedding day? Do you have a certain vision in mind for your reception? As a bride, you probably have a list of things that are a high priority on your wedding day. It’s important to find a wedding venue that allows you to personalize the space for your big day. Some venues may have limitations in place, and it’s best to ask the coordinator all of your questions early in the process. 


Compatible Vendors

Some wedding venues have partnerships with vendors. Venues like to work with companies that are reliable and offer high quality services. These partnerships can be very beneficial to brides because it allows a bride to have access to vendors that are familiar with their venue. If you have a specific vendor request, talk with your venue coordinator about what type of options are available. Most venues offer some flexibility, and it’s important to feel confident about your vendors before you finalize your list.


Photo-Worthy Views

The photos you take on your wedding day will be on display in your home for the rest of your lives. Don’t settle for a venue that you don’t love. Although there are many virtual tour options, it’s typically helpful to tour your favorite venue options in person. Look for a venue that has plenty of outdoor space, beautiful views, and the overall aesthetic that you’re looking for on your special day. If there’s a photographer that you want to work with, ask them about their favorite wedding venues in the area. This can help you gather more information before you make a decision.



How many guests are on your list? At some wedding venues, parking can be limited. This is an easy question to forget to ask about, but it’s an important one so you know your options well in advance. If parking isn’t particularly close to the ceremony site, you might need to plan for additional signage to guide your guests to the correct area. Parking isn’t typically a deal-breaker when it comes to a wedding venue, but it is something to consider so that you can factor every detail into your decision.


Nearby Accommodations

One of the best things about a rustic wedding venue is that it’s typically located in a peaceful and secluded area. While this is a huge benefit, it isn’t always easy to find nearby accommodations for your guests. Before you book a rustic wedding venue, make sure you look up nearby hotels and lodging options. If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s best to contact the venue and ask for their list of recommendations.


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