3 Winter Cocktails You Need To Try

What’s your favorite way to enjoy a dinner meal? If you’re looking for a tasty and simple way to elevate your dinner, consider ordering a cocktail drink. These drinks are perfect for adding a light and refreshing touch to your dinner and they pair perfectly with any winter meal. There’s a ton of fun and unique flavored cocktails out there at this time of the year, and no matter what you may be craving, there’s a great drink for everyone. 

Here are some of our favorite winter cocktails at the Olde Homestead Cafe.


Caramel Apple Martini

Our cafe has put a classic twist on a popular season favorite with our caramel apple martini drink. It’s just as good as it sounds and it tastes just like a classic caramel-covered apple. Between our special mix of apple cider, vanilla vodka, and butterscotch schnapps, it’s a slightly sweet drink that will satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s also drizzled with our rich and buttery caramel sauce for the perfect finishing touch. 

Pineapple Mule

Are you in the mood for a sweet, tangy drink? Consider ordering our Pineapple Mule. It’s packed with a ton of flavor, and can easily become your new favorite winter drink! The sweet and sour pineapple juice creates the perfect balance with the spicy flavor of our ginger beer. Mix in some of our Captain Morgan rum and a lime wedge garnish, and it creates a flavor combination that’s out of this world!


Fall Cider Ginger Fizz Brandy

There are many different flavors the winter season is known for, and our Fall Cider Ginger Fizz Brandy takes all of your favorite ones and mixes them into one drink. It’s the ultimate drink for this time of the year, and it contains a delectable mix of sweet apple cider, ginger-flavored brandy, cranberry juice, and club soda. 


Don’t miss out on our winter cocktails! In addition to our handcrafted signature cocktails, our cafe has a variety of tasty beverages including beer and wine. Be sure to check out our drink menu here, and stop by our cafe this week to wind down with one of our drinks.

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