How to Have a Cigar Bar at Your Wedding

How do you want to entertain the guests at your wedding? While this day is all about celebrating you and your partner, it’s just as important to your guests that they enjoy it too! You may have considered some of the classic traditions like lawn games, photo booths, and drinks, but if you’re looking for a more unique way, a cigar bar could be the perfect addition. It’s a great way to give your guests the opportunity to try something new and add a unique twist to your special day.

Here are our tips on how to have a cigar bar at your wedding!

Check With Your Venue

Before you begin planning out a cigar bar, check in with your venue to see what their smoking policies are. Some wedding venues don’t allow smoking on their sites, so you’ll want to make sure your venue does. If you receive the go-ahead from your venue, take the time to understand the details of their policy including where you can have a cigar bar and their regulations on cigar disposal. 

Include a Variety of Options 

Like a bar offering a variety of drinks for your guests, your cigar bar can share the same concept. You can offer your guests a variety of options to choose from or keep it simple with one of your favorite signature cigars. Don’t forget about the basic necessities of ashtrays, lighters, and cutters too!

Consider Location

Some guests may not be comfortable with smoking, so you’ll want to place your cigar bar in a semi-secluded or private area. This will ensure all your guests are able to enjoy your wedding even if they may not be interested in smoking.

Provide Complimentary Drinks

Drinks make for a great pairing with cigars, and it’s the perfect way to enhance your guest’s experience. Depending on the type of cigars you’re planning on offering, choose a liquor that can make a fitting complement. Dark liquors such as bourbon, scotch, or whiskey pair well with heavier cigars while light liquors such as wine pair well with mild cigars.

Create a Man Cave Experience

The environment can enhance the experience of the cigar bar. At Olde Homestead, we use repurposed wood from one of the old barns and vintage items to enhance the experience. Consider using custom signage to make the cigar bar stand out and create a man-cave-like experience for your guests.


At Olde Homestead, we provide a variety of different wedding and reception offerings for couples including a cigar bar. An attendant will also be on hand to trim cigars and pour libations to further enhance the experience.  If you’d like to have a cigar bar at your wedding, contact us here to learn more about our options.

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