How To Design The Perfect Wedding Day

What does your dream wedding day look like? It can be an overwhelming question, but a lot of brides have specific ideas about what they envision for their big day. From the overall wedding venue design to details like silverware and tablecloths, there are a lot of things for brides to consider. Here are three things every bride should think about before starting the wedding planning process.

Consider Your Budget

In order to create the wedding day of your dreams, it’s important to have a budget in place before you start planning. This way, you can more easily determine which areas you’d like to invest more or less in throughout the planning process. This process usually starts with deciding with your significant other how much money you would like to put towards your wedding. Are any family members offering to pay for certain parts of the day? Be sure to factor that in. It will be much easier to plan your dream day once you have a number in mind.

Think About Your Style

One of the best parts about wedding planning is mixing and matching different styles to bring your unique vision to life. Think about some of the other weddings that you have attended. What are some aspects that you loved? Which parts would you change? While it’s beneficial to draw from these experiences, remember that this day is all about you! Make a list of things that are the most important to you on your big day. For some brides it might be elegant floral arrangements, while other brides are looking forward to romantic table settings and a dreamy cake. You’re in the driver’s seat, and all of these little things will create the day you’ve been dreaming of.

Work With a Designer

It’s important to work with a wedding venue designer who understands both your budget and your vision. This person will help you sort through important details like floral arrangements, lighting, and prop rentals. While small details may not be top-of-mind, these are the things that will come together to bring your vision to life. Check out Wildflowers at Olde Homestead to learn more about our floral and wedding venue design services!

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