5 Reasons to Dine Al Fresco This Summer

What’s your favorite way to enjoy time with your loved ones? There are plenty of things to do in New Tripoli this summer, but there’s nothing better than dinner with a view. The term dining “al fresco” was originally borrowed from Italy, and it means “in the cool air.” Dining al fresco offers an opportunity to slow down and take in the beauty around you. Here are a few reasons why you should dine al fresco this summer: 

You Can Appreciate The Views
One of the best parts about sitting down for your meal outside? The views! Some scientists have discovered that people actually feel healthier when they look out over scenic areas. From the rolling countryside to the majestic treelines, Olde Homestead is filled with views to set your sights on. Enjoy the beauty around you, and take a walk around the property to see the scenery from different angles.

Take In The Benefits Of Fresh Air
Did you know that fresh air can give you more energy and mental focus? When you choose to dine al fresco, you can soak in the benefits of nature. Fresh air can boost your mood and increase your intake of oxygen. On top of that, it increases your absorption of vitamin D. Everyone needs fresh air, and dining outdoors is a great way to boost your mood, energy levels, and immune system.

Less Rushing, More Relaxing
In light of current times, indoor dining is not accessible in every state.  When you choose to dine al fresco, you will enjoy a relaxing experience. In New Tripoli, there are still plenty of opportunities to visit a restaurant and dine outdoors. It offers an environment that is relaxing, not rushed. The warmer weather is the perfect opportunity to slow down and enjoy a meal with a view. 

Food Tastes Even Better
Did you know that food tastes even better when eaten outdoors? These warmer months are the perfect opportunity to take advantage of outdoor dining.  Food affects the senses differently outside, and it heightens the flavor profiles. The meal you already love is bound to taste even better when dining al fresco.

More Opportunities to Connect
Spending time outside offers more opportunities to connect with your loved ones. Life moves at a slower pace outdoors, and it offers more time for conversations with others. Take your time during your meal. Take in the views together. Reminiscing about your favorite memories at Olde Homestead.  Dining al fresco allows you to cherish these moments and make the most of the time that you have together. 

Come enjoy breathtaking views and dinner in New Tripoli. Our guests can always make an impromptu visit, but if you’d like to make a reservation, call us at 610-298-4653. 


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