Pennsylvania German Flag

You can now find the Pennsylvania German Flag on the Windsocks which have replaced the typical flags on the 18-Hole Course and Executive Par-3 Course. Below you will find the history of the Flag.


Pennsylfaanisch Deitsch Ehrwatt 

Ich bin schtolz fun unser Pennylfaanisch Deitsche Faahne un aa die Mudder Schprooch, fum Schiff, os unsere Foreldre doh gebrocht hot, fun die Karich, os uns uff’m rechde Paad halt, fum Blug, os uns uff’m Land gholfe hot, fun die Kunscht, os uns Zeit gebt fer Dinger du os mir gleiche, fum Wagge, os uns iwwer des gross Land genumme hot, fun die Farwe, rot, weiss, un blo, os weisse os mir aller ercht Amerikaanisch sin, un fum Schlisselschtee, os uns Pennsylfaanisch Deitsche beinanner halt fer die Ewichkeit.
Original draft by John J. Bensing



Pennsylvania German Word of Honor

I am proud of our Pennsylvania German Flag, and also the Mother Tongue, of the Ship, that brought our Forefathers here, the Church, that keeps us on the right path, of the Plow, that helped us on the Land, of the Arts, that give us time to do the things we enjoy, of the Wagon, that took us across this large land, the Colors, red, white, and blue, that show we are first of all Americans, and of the Keystone, that keeps us Pennsylvania Germans together for Posterity.

Olde Homestead Exclusive



 It is not just coincidence that the Pennsylvania German flag uses the red, white and blue colors. They are to remind one that, in spite of our ethnic backgrounds, we are first of all and foremost loyal and devoted Americans.

Salling Ship Concord

Commemorates the journey from Krefeld to Germantown in 1683, the start of a great migration of German speaking people in search of greater religious freedom and better social and economic conditions in a new area of the world.


 The symbol of Pennsylvania, the principal and permanent settlement for the majority of migrants.


Indicative of the devoutness of the Pennsylvania Germans whose religious convictions were a strong motivating force in their daily lives.


Symbolizes probably the most predominant of the Pennsylvania German professions, the farmer. The plow further symbolizes the Pennsylvania German farm as a source of food for state and nation.

Conestoga Wagon

Symbolizes the Pennsylvania German’s contribution to the need for transportation. The “Ship of Inland Commerce,” as it became known, played a very important role in the Revolutionary War under the guidance of Pennsylvania German teamsters. It also played a tremendous role in the westward expansion of our nation. 

Dialect Expression

“Dear God in Heaven, Leave Us Germans What We Are,” implying “Let us keep our traditional ways.” This dialect expression symbolizes the main instrument of communication used by the Pennsylvania Germans in their everyday social and economic associations. 

Pennsylvania German Flag

A flag is an object of symbolism, usually displayed as a reminder of the deeds, the accomplishments and contributions of a nation by its people. The Pennsylvania German flag is such a symbol. It represents an ethnic group whose accomplishments and contributions have played a loyal and honorable role in the development and the success of our great state and nation.

Die Pennsylfaanisch Deitsch Faahne

The Pennsylvania German Flag
created by
“Die Grossdaadi Grundsow Lodge”
The Grandfather Groundhog Lodge
and Co-Sponsored by Other Affiliated Pennsylvania German Organizations
Dedicated: October 6, 1989
Lehigh County Court House
Allentown, PA

Carl D. Snyder
Peter V. Fritsch
Richard K. Miller
Sterling G. Zimmerman

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