FootGolf at OHGC

FootGolf at OHGC

 9-Hole Footgolf Course at the Practice Facility

FootGolf, which combines the popular sports of soccer and golf is available at Olde Homestead Golf Club. To play FootGolf, athletes use soccer balls on a traditional golf course with 21-inch diameter cups. The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf and is played with the same etiquette. The Olde Homestead FootGolf Course has 9 holes built within the Short Course to play traditional golf and FootGolf simultaneously.

FootGolf uses golf’s basic model including tee boxes, greens, bunkers, hazards and holes of play. Scorecards display par scores for each hole as in regular golf. The sport is governed by the Federation for International FootGolf and is wildly popular in Europe and South America with increasing numbers internationally.

"We’re excited to bring this new sport to our golf course,” said Austin Kobordo Assistant Golf Manager at Olde Homestead. "It’s a perfect fit for our facility. Our 9-hole FootGolf course is incorporated into our Short Course and  FootGolfers play in regular rotation with our current traditional golfers.

The sport is played in the traditional format of up to four players per group. Holes are roughly half the distance of a regular regulation golf hole. While the soccer ball doesn’t travel as far in the air as a golf ball, it will roll much farther in the fairways.


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9-Hole Short Course


Weekday Anytime Rate: $12 per person


Weekend/Holiday Anytime Rate: $14 per person


Student Rate (21 and under): $10 per person


Ball Rental:

$3 per ball

To play, you must be dressed appropriately. Indoor soccer shoes and Turf Soccer shoes are recommended (NO SOCCER CLEATS).  A size 5 soccer ball is recommended.

Families, Groups and Teams Welcome!