100 Hole Golf Marathon Itinerary

100 Hole Golf Marathon Itinerary

100 Hole Golf Marathon
Itinerary for Monday, October 4th, 2010

The event is rain or shine!!

The day will begin:

6:30am - Registration, rules, and warm up
7:00am - Breakfast and Coffee
7:30am - Shotgun start
6:00pm (approx. time for dinner) - Steak and Lobster dinner with green beans, roasted potatoes, salad, dinner rolls with butter and pies for dessert.

*Unlimited Food and Beverage (non-alcoholic) will be available throughout the day.
The menu includes:
Breakfast Sandwiches, Fruit, Bagels, Muffins, Chicken Kabobs, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Vegetables, Cheeses, Meats and Crackers

*Also, each player will receive tee gifts, a 10 minute massage, and will play one hole with our golf pro!

Now, for the rules!
1. On each hole, drive two shots
2. Par 3's: pick best drive, then play 3 balls from there
3. Par 4's and 5's: pick best drive, then play 2 balls from there
4. On par 3's you will play 3 balls, equivalent to 3 holes
5. On par 4's and 5's you will play 2 balls, equivalent to 2 holes
-A copy will be distributed to each player on Monday

-Each person will have their own cart (caddies will ride with)
-2-somes on each hole
-Double Bogey Maximum
-60 seconds to look for balls
-Take one club length anywhere to improve your lie
-Repair all ball marks and divots!

Don't forget about our dress code:
-Collared Shirts
-No Denim
-Soft Spikes

Directions can be found here on our website.

Also, all personal fund raising websites will be officially closed for donations on 11:59pm on Saturday, October 9th, so make sure to get any additional donations before then. We hope you had fun, and I'm sure Monday will be even more fun!

We can't wait to see you and we hope that you are excited! See you then!

-Olde Homestead Golf Club and MAMA Project