"It is no longer a question of treating severe deficiency in individuals. It is a question of reaching out to whole populations to protect them against the devastating consequences of even moderate forms of vitamin and mineral deficiency." - Carol Bellamy, UNICEF Executive Director, 2004

Why Action Must be Taken NOW:
  • Establishing universal coverage of supplementation programs could save 459,000 child deaths/year.
  • The necessary solutions for micro-nutrient malnutrition are available, effective and inexpensive
  • In 80 developing countries, iron deficiency has impaired intellectual development in young children, thus lowering national IQ's significantly
  • Vitamin A deficiency compromises the immune system of 40% of children under five and is responsible for 1 million deaths each year
  • Iodine deficiency during pregnancy, or maternal anemia, causes mental impairment in as many as 20 million babies per year
  • UNICEF has called for the food industry to develop, market and distribute low-cost fortified good products and supplements.
Micronutrient deficiency can be easily and effectively eliminated...
  • Micronutrient malnutrition is recognized as an important public health problem affecting more than 2 billion people worldwide.
  • As many as a third of the world population do not meet their physical and intellectual potential because of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Left untreated, micronutrient malnutrition has significant negative consequences on health and economic development.
  • Solutions for prevention and treatment are available, effective and inexpensive.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements are a proven way to improve the health and lives of malnourished children.
  • MAMA Project, Inc. is promoting universal home food fortification for women and children living in communities afflicted by widespread micronutrient malnutrition.