Club and Resort Business

October 2010 "I Was/Am Wrong!"

"... correctly pointed out that if we want younger members, then we had better be, at the very least, friendly to their preferences."

Golf Styles Magazine

September 2010 "What's New at Olde Homestead?"

"If you keep trying to improve things, it becomes a place the golfer wants to go back to. The economic environment has changed and the core and avid golfers are playing less. To keep them coming back, you have to provide excellent all-around service and that's what we try to do."

Golf Business Magazine

August 2010 "Addition by Subtraction"

“One intangible is longevity of employment,” says Smith, referring to those extras that come only with experience. “A new golf course superintendent isn’t going to know where those localized dry spots are.”

Club and Resort Business

July 2010 "Cutting Through The Blog Fog"

"Yes, this may put me in the same camp as the "traditionalists" that Justin Smith of Olde Homestead Golf Club says are holding our industry back in his very thoughtful, and thought-provoking, Letter to the Editor."

Eastern Pennsylvania Golf Magazine

July-August 2010 "Olde Homestead Deploying Marketing Strategies to Benefit Playing Public"

"We have partnered with a company called ProShop USA which now handles all our merchandise, Justin Smith, general manager, says. According to Smith, this is much more cost effective and allows his merchandise to be more competitive with major retailers."

Golf Styles

Summer 2010 "63 Public Courses Every Player Should Experience And Why"

"Transformed from a sprawling farm by Jim Blaukovitch, this course is one of the finest in the Lehigh Valley."


Winter 2010 "Special Report"

"Last year,...Olde Homestead Golf Club in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania unveiled a promotion dubbed the "Preferred Golf Membership" which provides unlimited access to five clubs in the area for a $1,495 annual fee."