The marketing of your tournament is crucial to the success of the event. Olde Homestead helps you streamline your event's marketing with a long term strategy. Our custom event websites provide you with sophisticated tools to save your organization time and money.

Did you know that offering online registration increases event participation by 10-15% according to
Olde Homestead's custom event websites give you the ability to take registrations online, accept payment online, give your organization additional exposure, as well as provide news about your event. Want to donate money to charity on behalf of your organization? Olde Homestead will provide you with items such as rounds of golf for the 18-Hole Course, Par 3 Course, and range balls that can be sold on the site. Olde Homestead will then fill any orders received for you, and give you a percentage of all sales to donate!

The website can also send automated email reminders and teasers to the event participants as well as a survey after the event. Now you will have established email database that you can automatically utilize when you set the date for the next year's event.

Visit the Party for Poppa K Golf Tournament's website to see exactly how powerful these sites are.