Our GPS Sponsorship Management

Knowing the importance of sponsors to your event, Olde Homestead has invested in a GPS system that saves you time and money when dealing with sponsorships.

With Olde Homestead's new Inforemer HD GPS system, your tournament sponsors will be able to connect with your golfers more effectively. Forget hole sponsor signs. Sponsors can utilize full-color static and streaming video advertising on our 10.4" high definition cart-mounted screens. Visit our GPS page for more information about this industry leading GPS system or see below!

The Sponsorship Management function gives us unprecedented ease in managing your event's advertising that not only saves you time and money but also provides the highest level of exposure for your sponsors, in turn making you look good. Inforemer HD GPS gives you:

     - Flexibility in location-based advertising; you can pinpoint precise locations on the course where your ads will appear and for how long.
     - Control over scheduling and frequency of advertising; show ads when you want, as many times as you want.
     - Options for types of advertising from banner ads to full screen ads.
     - Sponsor control over their advertising so it matches their business strategy.
     - Flexibility in offering tournament sponsors prime ad space on the real-time leaderboard.
     - Ability to customize special messaging, announcements, and advisories to meet sponsor needs.

The greatest thing about our Sponsorship Program is that it costs less than your typical tee signs!