GPS Distance Player Management 
Golfers can now lower their scores with visuals of Olde Homestead's layout and precise distance data Inforemer HD helps improve play by providing detailed graphics of each hole on the unit's screen and giving measurements in Differential GPS (DGPS) rather than standard GPS. (DGPS gives you more precise distance measurements). The full course graphics and the precise distance measurements help take the guesswork out of club selection and help to lower scores.

  • See the entire hole layout including obstacles, sand traps, and hazards on the screen while you play.
  • Get pro tips on every hole to improve your game strategy.
  • View constantly updated distances to flag sticks, hazards, sand traps, and landmarks.
  • Get instant drive and shot measurements from the tee and any point on the course to refine your club selection.
  • View measurements to the exact pin location rather than the center of the green.